We have sold through our own website and Not on the High Street to date. Here is what our customers have told us.

One of our Not on The High Street customers said this about our English Vintage Tea Cup Bird Feeders:

"Fantastic idea for a bit of quirky fun. A really unique present that my parents will love. It arrived promptly and well packaged."

Then another said about our vintage tea plate wall clock "Very different love it."

Matt, was looking for a unique and original silk screen print. He stumbled across our website and our butterfly prints and he got in touch. We created a bespoke print based on one in the collection for a surprise birthday gift and this is what they said:

"Hi Sarah - She LOVED it! I knew she would, she really thought it was fantastic and was very happy indeed. Thanks so much again for your help, and for creating such a lovely piece."

Matt Strang, London

As screen printing is not an exact science (maybe we are not exact screen printers) and there is always a little playful experimentation, whilst in the process of making a print for another a few other little gems were born. A photo was posted on facebook and prompted the sale of a another silk screen print for the for the HQ of copywriting consultancy Sparkling Copy and this is what Emma said:

"Thank you - it looks FABULOUS! x"

Emma Treadwell, East Dulwich

After seeing one of our Battersea Power Station prints on our facebook page, Liz placed an order for the design to be printed onto a plate. Liz had previously purchased one of our upcycled limited edition botanical plates for a wedding gift and this time she wanted one of her own.

"I adore it, the design evokes memories of autumn evenings in Battersea park"

Liz Williams, Battersea

Our 'Hop On' English bone china rabbit mug and the 'In the Air Tonight' print were well received by 8 week old Bert Barry. He said,

"thanks so much.. definately my classiest present, I love it!"

Bert Barry, Norfolk*

*OK, maybe we are paraphrasing his parents, a little.

We designed our Wildlife inspired tea set for Andy, London. This was a very special moving in present from his dear friend Al. We developed the designs in consultation with Andy and when he received it, he said,

"Hi got the set safe and sound.Looks great and tea tastes good out of cups! Many thanks Ax"

Ann, Warickshire said when she received her pieces from the wildlife collection, "Breakfast is now very special indeed, thank you."